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Why Omnichannel Experience Is Relevant To Your Organisation

The term Omnichannel which has been pushed by Forrester and Gartner in the last few years can be viewed as yet another buzzword and item on the latter’s hype cycle. The showcases with augmented reality and other fancy technologies certainly can give this impression. However, at its core we agree that the topic is worth the attention. Having said that, we should take a step back and look at the reasons. Here is why.

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The Frontend Conference Zurich 2016

In this blog post I want to share my impressions and takeaways of this year’s edition of the annual Frontend Conference in Zurich. The atmosphere during the two days was inspiring, chilled and relaxed.

So first of all let me thank all the speakers and the organisers of the Frontend Conference Zurich for this great event.

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The Conversion Summit 2016 Highlights

Yesterday we were at the Conversion Summit 2016 in Frankfurt. In this post we will summarize the hightlights, our impressions and takes of the conference and maybe give you some good reasons to be there next year!

Spoiler: if Avinash Kaushik happened to be there once again next year, you won't even need to check who else will be speaking. ;)

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Why we use Slack (and why you should look into it, too)

For about half a year, we in the Customer Experience & Digital Marketing team at Atos Consulting have been using the messaging supertalent Slack to communicate and coordinate in our often distributed team. In this post, I want to outline, why we are doing so, what challenges we faced and why you should also consider using Slack.

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How Google Data Studio can help your Business

A free version of Google Data Studio has been released a bit less than two months ago. We have been working with it since then and can finally give you our first impressions. After a short introduction about its features, this article will give you some concrete examples on how you can apply it to your daily business.

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Using Meteor to get started with Isomorphic Web Apps


While the last blog post introduced the concept of Isomorphic Web Apps to Marketers this post will now take a look at the architecture and more details. Basically covering what you should know before getting started.

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Wrap up of our Digital Transformation Thursday: Omnichannel Experience

Yesterday saw the inaugural Atos Consulting Digital Transformation Thursday take place. In two presentations we covered the subject of Omnichannel Experience. Damian Amherd and Daniel Truninger highlighted the key components of a successful Omnichannel Experience, while Andrea Rapanaro gave some insights on the challenges of analytics in the Omnichannel context.

If you missed the event you can download the slides here:

Download Presentation
(Slides are in German)

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Isomorphic Web Apps and what Digital Marketers should know about them

Back in the day all marketers wanted from their frontend developers were nice websites, which worked in any browser. Frontend developers managed to get the job done with some CSS and sprinkle it with some JavaScript magic. Overtime other aspects gained importance like delivering websites that looked good on any devices (responsive design), sophisticated one page websites (parallax scrolling) and other creative requirements. This resulted in websites nowadays being larger than cult video games.

This got some developers thinking and going back to the drawing board to create a sustainable solution: isomorphic web apps.

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The New Google Analytics Search Console Report

On the 5th of May Google announced the rollout of the "Search Console" report into Google Analytics: a new report that would basically enrich the existing "Search Engine Optimization" one under the Acquisition Reports by integrating search console metrics alongside with Google Analytics metrics.

After the User Explorer Report, Google Analytics has added another very nice (free) feature!

This morning we saw this report appearing amongst our Premium and Standard GA Properties and we can finally give our personal opinion.

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Atos Consulting wins Sitecore Experience Award

This year the Sitecore D-A-CH Digital Marketing Summit 2016 took place at the Maritim proArte Hotel in Berlin. Besides for the conference and networking Atos Consulting team travelled to the German capital since the Zurich Airport solution was shortlisted for the Experience Award 2015.

And with great pride and pleasure we are able to announce that Atos Consulting’s mandate at Zurich Airport won the Sitecore Experience Award in the Best Use of Omnichannel-Automation category. 

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